The Ever So Tolerant Left

Late last night, NDP House Leader Brian Mason decided to engage me in debate after I made the statement that WRP’s 21-person shadow cabinet vs the NDP’s 12-person cabinet is simply indicative that the WRP has more than only 12 qualified MLA’s for those positions. He didn’t take it all too well, going as far as to brag about his two weeks as a bus driver, and claim that his “success” as MLA proves that relevant experience isn’t necessary in politics, and to justify new MLA’s whose greatest life experience has been serving lattes at Starbucks.

At one point, Mason tweeted an opinion article written by former PC MLA David King (funny enough, while claiming that inexperience doesn’t prove incompetence, King listed a much more qualified cabinet than this new government’s caucus, including people with actual agricultural, health care and small business experience). I countered this with an opinion article of my own, my May 6th post-election piece, “Alberta Has Lost Its Mind“. Well, Mr. Mason simply couldn’t handle this, and lashed out at me, tweeting “@TNorrisYEG All that shows is that you don’t respect the will of the voters, and that you are an elitist snob. Get over it. #ableg”. In Mason’s attempt to trash me over having an evidence-based opinion contrary to that of his own, he proved himself to be the true elitist. Sadly, this isn’t just a rare outburst. This is what the vast majority of NDP politicians and their supporters believe, as is illustrated by the 4 retweets and 28 favourites that Mason’s little outburst garnered.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ever so tolerant left. While conservatives embrace diversity amongst our peers, leftists lash out at anyone who disagrees with their world views. There are pro-choice and pro-life conservatives. There are Christian and Sikh conservatives. There are pro-gay rights and traditionalist conservatives. I’m a social moderate myself, and I have been embraced by social liberals and social conservatives alike. On the contrary, if you disagree with a single social view held by leftists, you’re automatically branded as a bigot (or racist, sexist, homophobe, etc, etc). While Mason could have civilly debated, and accepted the lack of qualifications amongst his caucus, he instead threw out the “elitist” and “get over it” comments so often repeated by leftists.

I’ve received a multitude of attempted “insults” from NDP supporters in response to Mason’s little tirade, ranging from “redneck goon” to the typical “but you’re 24, you can’t criticize anyone’s experience” line. I do find it interesting that leftists will defend a 20-year old student like Thomas Dang, or a 23-year old barista like Trevor Horne, but will whip out the age line against young conservatives in almost every debate. In the end, it only speaks to the complete hypocrisy of the left.

Ultimately, Mason’s tirade has led to this blog receiving the most views that I’ve had since the week of May 5th, and that number has continued to grow. Unintended consequences, perhaps? If my posts can convince one person to see the truth about this government, then I have accomplished my goal. Hopefully Mason can grow to respectfully debate opposing viewpoints, instead of having these little outbursts, because he’s going to have 4 years of this coming from all sides, including the left. Sorry, Brian, but being in government isn’t as much of a free ride as being an irrelevant fourth party. It’s only just begun.
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2 thoughts on “The Ever So Tolerant Left

  1. Invigorating column. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one to properly recognize the insincerity and hair-trigger disposition of this goon-gaggle party.


    • The media praise about their “perfect campaign” still sickens me. I can’t help but wonder why the media was so dead-set on covering up their flaws. Thanks for the response!


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