PoliRants #1: Immigration Ignorance

While browsing through posts on Stephen Harper’s official Facebook page, I stumbled across a video in which the Prime Minister is speaking with an immigrant family that is clearly extremely proud to be living in Canada and thankful for the opportunity to live in our great nation. When I scrolled to the comments section under the video, I was honestly quite shocked at what I read. As a member of the Conservative Party and a strong supporter of Stephen Harper, I am absolutely ashamed at the ignorance of so many of these comments. Harper has done amazing work for immigration, bringing in hundreds of thousands of new immigrants per year. Immigration will be a massive part of Stephen Harper’s legacy, and one of his most profound contributions to Canada’s history.

Immigration is the foundation of our nation. My father is an immigrant from the United Kingdom. That’s no different from an immigrant from India, the Philippines, China, Nigeria or Syria. He served in the British military and learned the skills he needed to become a strong contributor to this country and to our economy. When he first came to Canada after leaving the military, he took the first job he could get – sweeping the floors in a fabrication shop. In the military, he learned hard work, and with permission from his boss, he started practicing his welding in the shop after he was finished his regular working hours. After earning his red seal ticket, he started his own business, which was very successful for 13 years. After that, we relocated to Alberta and my father began work in oil field construction management. He now earns over $350K/year.This is the story of so many immigrants. Yes, there are bad apples amongst immigrants, but the same thing can be said for many people born in Canada. Immigrants contribute so much to this great nation. So many immigrants take more pride in being Canadian than born Canadians do. There was a contestant on the Amazing Race Canada this season that expressed his pride in being Canadian so greatly that it brought a tear to my eye. I’ve rarely seen such pride shown by people actually born here. It made me so glad to live in a country that embraces multiculturalism and to support a political party that has fought so hard to give immigrants an opportunity to make better lives for themselves and contribute to our economy.

Canada has been desperate for skilled workers for a very long time. There are immensely skilled workers in other parts of the world that want so badly to earn a better life in North America. Millions of those people have come to Canada and been unable to get jobs that utilize their skill sets due to credential equivalency. They end up working as cab drivers, fast food workers, servers and retail workers. It is absurd that we have people with skill sets in medical and STEM fields whose talents are wasted working menial jobs. Thanks to Stephen Harper’s foreign credential recognition process, people who have gone to school and earned an education outside of Canada can now upgrade their education to meet Canadian standards, and they can do it so much faster than they would if they had to completely redo their education from the beginning. This contributes immensely to the Canadian economy, and is essential to our continued growth.

True conservatives embrace what is best for this nation, and immigration, with due process, is a very good thing for Canada. Before expressing anti-immigration sentiments, please consider the above. Ignorance will only hurt our party. Let’s fight for Canada, not against it. Our Prime Minister has embraced immigration, and 100% of Canadians should follow his lead.


One thought on “PoliRants #1: Immigration Ignorance

  1. Anyone who migrates here or anywhere has no right to cause harm to this nation; he or she should have their citizenship revoked and deported immediately.
    I am a immigrant been a Canadian citizen for many decades and I don’t take kindly of anyone using this country for self purpose to destroy her.


    Please warn Canadians how they were lied too for years as you read this

    Canada’s Secret War: IRAQ – Ten Years After “Shock and Awe”

    Global Research News Hour Episode 19

    By Michael Welch, Richard Sanders, and Hans von Sponeck

    Global Research, March 25, 2013

    http:// http://www.globalresearch.ca/canadas-secret-war-iraq-ten-years


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