Predictions for Tomorrow – October 19, 205

Here we are on the eve of another election. Unlike May’s provincial election, I’m not going to pen a letter asking Canadians to second guess their misled votes – that didn’t work during the provincial election. I believe most people have made up their minds already, and millions have already voted. Instead, I’m going to make a number of predictions. After the ballots have been counted, I’ll reflect on the accuracy of my predictions. They can’t possibly be any worse than my weekly NFL predictions.

1) Like Alberta’s 2012 provincial election, the pollsters are heavily overrating the challenger, and underrating the incumbent. The Conservatives will get the most seats and the largest percentage of the vote.

2) The two 2013 Edmonton mayoral candidates running in this election will experience opposite fates. Kerry Diotte will be elected in Edmonton-Griesbach, while Karen Leibovici will fall short of Conservative candidate Kelly McCauley’s totals in Edmonton-West.

3) The Conservatives will sweep the Northern Territories. Polls have shown the Liberals ahead in all three, but they won’t win any of them.

4) The NDP will win no more than 3 seats on the prairies. They will barely win Edmonton-Strathcona despite having an incumbent in that riding.

5) Niki Ashton will lose her seat in Churchill. Her father’s provincial scandals stand in the way of her re-election.

6) The NDP will win less than half of the seats in Quebec, and may end up with less than each of the other two major parties in that province.

7) The Bloc Quebecois will win at least 3 seats.

8) The race for Elizabeth May’s seat will be much closer than expected. The Conservatives will come within 1000 votes of knocking May out of her seat.

9) One of the three major party leaders will resign from his position as leader after the results come in. Unlike Jim Prentice, he will hang on as an MP despite resigning as leader.

10) Lying liar Fin Donnelly will not be re-elected in Port Moody-Coquitlam.

11) Olivia Chow will lose in Fort York-Spadina. Torontonians are tired of her antics.

12) The Green Party will not win more than one single seat.

13) The NDP will finish third overall, well behind the Conservatives and Liberals, with a poplular vote between 18 and 22%.

14) The Conservatives will win more British Columbia seats than any other party.

15) The Liberals will win more Ontario seats than any other party.

16) Despite what the polls say, the Liberals will not win a single seat in Calgary.

17) The NDP is in for a rude awakening on Vancouver Island. They will not sweep the Island. They’ll lose at least 3 races there.

18) Tom Mulcair will come very close to losing his seat in Montreal.

19) We will not know if tomorrow’s winner will actually form government. It will be a minority winner.

20) The Toronto Blue Jays will win game 3 of the ALCS against the Kansas City Royals.


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