Comments on PCAA Leadership Race

I don’t doubt that Richard Starke and Byron Nelson care deeply for Alberta. I don’t doubt that both of them are good, well-intentioned men. However, their methods of doing what’s best for Alberta are severely flawed. To wish continued division for Alberta is not a path forward. It is not a path to recovery.

Alberta is hurting. Our economy is in a tailspin. Negotiations with the US on pipelines and our oil & gas sector have not gone well. Right now, we have both a Premier and a Prime Minister who refuse to put Albertans first. For them, ideology trumps all. This is making division in our province worse – possibly the worst I’ve ever seen it. We’ve seen what division has done to our neighbors in the south. Yesterday, they elected a man who can be considered nothing short of awful. Anyone who thinks that negotiations will go any better with the US under our current leadership once Trump takes office is severely misled.

Yes, last night’s American election results are a wake-up call, or at least they should be. We cannot continue this division between the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties. Last night should send a message to all Albertans – it’s time to unite. Only under a strong and free, united Alberta, can we turn this ship around.
I encourage all Albertans, but particularly PCAA members and former MLA’s, to support the unity movement. No, I’m not calling for Starke or Nelson to drop out, and I’m not calling for them to endorse Jason Kenney. I encourage them to shift to a unity platform of their own. This is what the members of the PCAA want. Polling has been quite clear on that. If all three of our candidates fight for unity, we can not lose. Our province can not lose.

Let us end this division, and let us Unite Alberta behind one big tent united conservative coalition. If we do this, anything is possible for Alberta, and we will once again be the envy of an entire nation.


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