Five Positives to a Donald Trump Presidency

I can’t stand Donald Trump. He’s taken his economic and foreign affairs policies straight out of the NDP policy book (anti-trade, pro-Russia). He’s spewed ignorant, bigoted rhetoric, and he’s simply not a conservative (he’s a lifelong liberal democrat).

That said, there are a couple of positives:

1) Trump has said that he will approve Keystone XL. This is great news for Alberta.

2) Trump will finally put an end to climate alarmism in America, and hopefully the world will join in.

3) Trump is the most pro-LGBT president-elect in history. Trump has long been a supporter of gay rights, unlike Obama, who opposed gay rights until after he was elected.

4) Maybe, just MAYBE, Trump’s election will finally end identity politics in America. Yes, the “Social Justice Warrior” left is fully responsible for the rise of the alt-right. These are two sides of the same coin.

5) Trump’s victory will allow the GOP to shape the SCOTUS for a generation, ensuring that constitutionalists, not socialists, make the most important decisions in America.


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