Conservative Party Leadership Review

We’ve hit the point in this leadership race in which the ballots have been mailed out, and many people have already received theirs. Some have even already sent theirs off. Judging by the tone on social media, there are only three candidates left in this race with any chance at winning it all. These candidates are Maxime Bernier, Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer. Below, I will explain my thoughts on these candidates, and which one I believe my friends and followers should support when they vote in this race. 

Maxime Bernier: Simply put – Maxime Bernier is the only candidate with any chance of winning in the 2019 election. His policies embrace freedom, liberty and smaller government. Maxime’s policy book is every conservative’s political Christmas list. From privatizing the CBC, to abolishing the CRTC (allowing more mobile providers to enter the Canadian marketplace), to ending supply management socialism (a Pierre Trudeau policy that monopolizes our egg and dairy industries behind ultra-wealthy cartels and forces Canadian consumers to pay two to three times the market rate for these products), Maxime Bernier is a true free market conservative. Maxime is extremely popular with young Canadians, a demographic that was absolutely key to Justin Trudeau’s victory in 2015, and if the Conservative Party has any hope of winning in 2019, they will need to win that demographic. Maxime is the only candidate capable of doing that. Alberta’s libertarian leaning MLA’s within the Wildrose Party have overwhelmingly embraced Maxime as their candidate of choice. If you favor lower taxes, more freedom, lower grocery prices and victory over Justin Trudeau in 2019, Maxime is the only candidate you should consider for your top vote.


Erin O’Toole: I like Erin. I was one of the very first people to suggest that he should be the next leader of the party. He cleaned up a Veterans Affairs Portfolio that had been left a disaster by his predecessor. His resume is the best of any of the candidates. Erin is ex-RCAF and he founded the True Patriot Love foundation upon his departure from active service. He has been endorsed by more sitting Conservative MP’s than any other candidate. For a very long time, Erin O’Toole was locked in as my number two, challenging Bernier for the top spot. The problem with Erin is that he’s a status-quo candidate, and status-quo will not bring the Conservative Party to victory in 2019. Furthermore, Erin decided half-way through this leadership race that he was going to build his entire campaign around protecting supply management socialism. It seems that, at the end of the day, Erin has chosen the side of his ultra-wealthy friends in the dairy industry over Canadian consumers who are struggling to pay their grocery bills. Erin will not be appearing on my ballot at all, and I encourage Conservative Party members to leave him off their ballots too.


Andrew Scheer: Andrew Scheer’s only real political accomplishment was being voted in as Speaker of the House. He has done very little for the Conservative Party, as he spent the entire term of the 2011 majority Conservative government in a non-partisan role. Make no mistake – Andrew Scheer and Brad Trost are flip sides of the same coin. Both are vehemently opposed to marijuana legalization, gay rights and abortion rights. Andrew Scheer as leader would drive a stake right through the heart of the Conservative Party. His outdated social views are certain to hurt the Conservative Party everywhere except Alberta and Saskatchewan. Furthermore, Scheer has adopted protectionist policies that echo the NDP. He wants more “origin of product” labeling and he supports Pierre Trudeau’s supply management socialism. Scheer wants to eliminate funding for educational institutions that do not adhere to his exact beliefs. Ultimately, the election of Andrew Scheer as Conservative Party leader would be a one-way ticket to third party status. The party would be lucky to win more than 30-50 seats in the 2019 election if we were to select Scheer as leader. My advice? Treat Andrew Scheer like the plague. Keep him far, far down your list, or off your ballot entirely.


Most importantly – make sure that you vote, and vote properly. Don’t forget to include a photocopy of your ID in your ballot envelope. Let’s get all 250,000+ ballots sent back to the party and counted. This isn’t just the future of the Conservative Party at stake. This is the future of Canada at stake.