I was born in Toronto, Ontario in January of 1991 to a tradesman and an administrative assistant. My father eventually opened his own small business, and ran it for 13 years before the bloated Canadian dollar and business-killing Ontario Liberal government led to its collapse. My family relocated to Alberta in 2005, to King Ralph Klein’s job and business paradise.

While my father was working in the oil and gas industry as a project manager, I graduated from Bellerose Composite High School in St. Albert with top honours, planning to attend Grant MacEwan University for journalism. In the end, after a college experiment at Georgian College back in Barrie, Ontario and a number of odd jobs including three years in aviation, I opted to enter the electrical trade back in Alberta at the age of 21. I have since transitioned into a technical role with life safety systems. I currently reside in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Politically, I started off as most Canadian youth do. My first vote was for the Liberals. As I entered my adult life and began paying taxes, I began to see the fundamental flaws in leftist beliefs. Watching Stephen Harper’s government do incredible work keeping Canada strong during the recession and turning Canada’s middle class into the strongest/wealthiest in the world, my conservative beliefs grew.  It sickened me to watch how so many people leeched off the taxpayers, abusing the welfare system and happily taking government handouts. While living in St. Albert, I twice voted against Mayor Nolan Crouse’s abuse of taxpayers and deep-set corruption. I was a vocal supporter of Drew Barnes’ Wildrose leadership campaign, and later for the Alberta PC’s in the 2015 provincial election.

I started my political Twitter account, @TNorrisYEG in 2013 to engage in debate for the municipal elections that year. I have since continued to use this account to debate both provincial and federal politics. I admit that I can be very hotheaded at times, but I feel that it only speaks to my passion for this great province and incredible country. I am so proud to be Canadian, and even moreso to be an Albertan. We all say things that we regret sometimes, and I have no qualms in admitting my mistakes. While I know I may come across as an ass on Twitter at times, those who have met me in person can speak to my good character. If we do stumble across each other in person, don’t be shocked by just how nice of a person I can be. It’s almost sickening at times.

My greatest political interests are in disaster/emergency management, northern development, safety codes, and of course, standing up for taxpayers. Wildfires in Slave Lake in 2011 and the floods in Calgary in 2013 have made disaster management one of my greatest passions. My travels throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut for work, and a number of years spent working with Canadian North and First Air led to my great passion for northern development. Working directly with safety codes on a daily basis, I have seen some very extreme violations that put our society’s most vulnerable at risk, especially in seniors’ homes, schools and hospitals. As a taxpayer myself, my passion for defending taxpayers should really come as no surprise.

On a personal side, I’m an avid hockey and football fan. My hockey loyalty belongs to the Winnipeg Jets, and formerly the Atlanta Thrashers. I’m an Edmonton Eskimos season ticket holder. Above all else, I’m a massive Denver Broncos fan. During football season, it’s all Broncos all the time. I even ignored my political Twitter for much of last season to instead focus on football. Yeah, it’s that extreme. I’ve traveled to every Canadian territory, the majority of Canadian provinces, and 25 American states. Nothing beats a good road trip.

After years of avoiding writing, this blog has helped me to get back down to doing something I love, while talking about something I’m so very passionate about. I thank every viewer from every point on the political spectrum for taking the time to read and reflect on my writing. Feel free to comment, even if you disagree. I am always up for civil debate. However, if you are disrespectful to me, don’t be surprised if I dish it back out to you.

For more of my writing, check out The Libertarian Republic, where I contribute columns on subjects such as ideology and American politics.

Feel free to contact me by email at tnorrissg@gmail.com!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr. Norris,

    I may not agree with most of your points of view, but you have a great knack for making want to see what you do think about conservative issues in Alberta. That makes me think that you are taking a long view of existence in this place now called Alberta. Ok that is enough fawning. Keep asking good questions, every single government on earth needs to be questioned. Luckily for us, at this time we are able to do that.

    Thanks for reading, Keep on truckin’



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