Late Night Thoughts

When voting in October, there really are only a few things to consider:

1) 100% of Canadians have benefitted from tax breaks introduced by Stephen Harper.

2) Thomas Mulcair and 72% of the NDP caucus stole $4M from taxpayers. When asked to repay the money, NDP MP Charlie Angus stated “this is a joke”.

3) Justin Trudeau says we can stop ISIS by giving Kurds “blankets and winter advice”. He also wants to make political connections with Iran.

4) Harper has brought massive respect to Canada on a world stage. From high-profile American journalists to German leader Angela Merkel, Harper has received praise unlike any other current world leader.

5) NDP policies have been disastrous everywhere that they’ve been implemented. From the collapse of BC’s businesses, to neglect of natural resources in the Yukon, to the shuttering of schools and hospitals as well as crumbling infrastructure in Saskatchewan, to the massive debt created in Manitoba and Ontario, NDP policies are simply destructive.

6) Thomas Mulcair is a dual citizen of both Canada and France. Clearly his loyalty doesn’t go to Canada 100%. He has remortgaged his house 11 times. This is evidence of his inability to handle a budget. How can we trust this man knowing the above? Simple. We can’t.

7) Justin Trudeau has stated that he admires China’s “basic dictatorship” above any other country in the world. He has also stated that he believes Albertans are “the biggest problem facing Canada today”. Someone so divisive and clueless would be dangerous for democracy in Canada.

8) Under Stephen Harper, the Canadian middle class has grown to be both the largest and the wealthiest in the entire world. This means that average Canadians are better off than they’ve ever been before, and better off than the average citizens of any other country in the world.

The choice is very simple, and it’s very obvious. Stephen Harper is the best man to lead Canada. The other two? Well, they aren’t even worth consideration. One’s a clueless child. The other is a thief with economically destructive policies.