Petulant Remain Crybabies


When the Liberals won a majority on October 19th, I was disappointed. Hell, I was downright angry. However, democracy is never wrong. The people of Canada made their decision, and I respected that.

Flash forward to this week. Britain chose freedom and liberty over the campaign of fear launched by the Remain camp. It was beautiful. Britain chose to regain control of their own future, and part from the massive, unelected, centralized foreign government of the EU.

Now, angry leftists in the Remain camp are going crazy. They’re whining about the referendum not being “legitimate”. They say that there should be a new referendum. Parts of the country that voted differently (Scotland by double digits, and Northern Ireland only by the slimmest of margins) are demanding their own independence (imagine if Alberta and Sasktchewan’s provincial governments suddenly demanded independence following October 19’s results). They’re lashing out at the “Leave” campaign, accusing 52% of Britons of being “xenophobic” or “racist”. This is utter nonsense. Frankly, it quite reminds me of the way that those on the far left reacted to Stephen Harper. From labels like “Nazi” to “fascist”, leftists in Canada called Stephen Harper every nasty name in the book. This is exactly what they’re doing to 52% of Britons now, and it’s simply because a vote didn’t go their way.

It’s absurd. It’s sick. These people only like democracy when it goes their own way. As soon as it doesn’t, they fall to the floor and cry while pounding their fists. They remind me of 4 year olds. Suck it up. Move on. Get over it. The people have spoken, and they didn’t like what you had to offer.

No. This week, freedom & liberty have prevailed, and that is a beautiful thing.